5 tips to reveal the hidden power of questions!

In our daily life we ask ourselves and others around us a lot of questions to solve problems and to get information.

Some professions like management consultants, doctors, lawyers and journalists are trained to ask questions, but other professionals are not aware of the power of questions.

Some people have a natural curiosity, a high level of emotional intelligence and empathy to ask the right questions at the right time to deepen the level of conversation or explore the vastness of subjects.

5 Tips for asking great questions!

1) Learn to listen!

There are 3 different levels of listening, and once you master all the three levels of listening you will become an excellent listener.
a) Listening for facts and information
b) 360 listening by listening to the persons emotions, body language and being aware of the space and dynamics in between you and the speaker.
c) Listening to your own thoughts during your conversation will help you to not get distracted, and also will make you aware of the thoughts and emotions triggered during the conversation.

2) Asking a lot of questions helps learn quickly and build interpersonal relations

Asking questions shows an active interest in the speaker and helps deapen the discussion.

3) Formulate questions using a positive language

Positively formulated questions are better received and makes the interviewee more open to share his knowledge and information on the subject.

4) Ask open ended questions.

Mirror questions like “How are you? i’m fine and you?” keeps the conversation at the surface and is like a table tennis match where you keep hitting the ball at the other until you run out of topics. Open ended questions help open up the topics of discussion and gives liberty to the interviewee without projecting your answers or thoughts.

5) Learn to direct the conversation based on your end goal of your conversation

Learn to ask questions that change the course of the question by taking a different angle on the subject.
Questions that change the course of the discussion are diferent from questions that ask for complimentary details.
Questions probing deeper on the sbject also gives the other person a feeling of being listend and respected.

All answers normally are in the question!

Take some inspiration from Cartesian doubt by René Descartes that is a systematic process of being skeptical about the truth of one’s beliefs, which has become a characteristic method in philosophy. Question until you get at the bottom of the mystery!

Passionate about asking questions, I created www.pocket-mentor.com a pack of cards with 54 questions that help you solve and clarify any problem. It questions objectively problems through subjective feelings as sometimes you have all the answers and you just need to ask the right question to bring it out!

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