Coworking culture, is it more like the Indian culture or the french culture?

Abhinav Agarwal
3 min readFeb 12, 2017


I have been wondering how the coworking cultures are different around the world! Are there universally common habits and beliefs to these different cultures and what complimentary differences do they have?

To think of this question in a different way, I started by asking what is the cultural distribution in coworking spaces in Paris or in other words how international is the work ambiance in the heart of the world? Or how many of the coworkers work with international partners or have international clients, or how often do they travel abroad?

I won’t go into the details but here are some of the other questions that cropped up during this search, how can you define the personality of a coworking space? how do you measure integrity and dynamics of the coworking community? The measure of happiness and productivity of coworkers? is it number of parties? is it working late and early hours? Is it number of events where the communty participates?

As more and more as the coworking spaces are maturing, they realise that it’s not about renting real estate, but it’s about creating a rich, diverse and durable ecosystem!

With globalisation and cultural differences being more pronounced in some countries, and borders dissapearing in others, coworking spaces according to me are the next melting pots where you can go hunting for innovation. As innovation happens when new ideas come together, or new perspectives about the same problems emerge!

Just like in permaculture, can Italian coworkers, work alongside Chinese coworkers, or are the Chinese coworkers more social around Indian coworkers? Which cultures can trigger a constructive and more productive opportunities? Or the combination of which cultures are best in certain circumstances? Or are these questions really significant ?

What could be the ‘wellness’ KPIs of an international coworking / workplace?

  1. Number of parties / week?
  2. Early comers to work ? late leavers from work?
  3. People working on weekends?
  4. Avg # of people that everybody knows in the coworking?
  5. Degree of intimacy between coworkers (sharing personal, family problems, professional and other interests?)
  6. Diversity index ? across cultures, sex, knowledge domains?
  7. Open mindedness? (how would you even measure that?)
  8. # of Kind deeds / day
  9. Minutes of silence / day

One of the characteristics of polymath people, also known as multipotentials or Neo Generalists, is the exposure to more that one culture. Having lived, grown up or worked in more than one culture definetly developes associative thinking, so are coworking spaces the new new associative thinking brain?

So ? you must be asking what was the objective or the message of this post? Random thoughts on globalisation, cultural exchanges and work culture …



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