Do you collect communities ?

I collected stamps when I was small just like everyone else ! I started collecting telephone cards and coins when I was 7 as my dad travelled a lot and would bring these back as souvenirs, and this was how I started traveling and discovering other cultures through these collections. At 9 I started collecting all kinds of small knives, various kinds of pocket knives.

A year back I realised that I have a new hobby and that I have been collecting communties!

How do you collect communities?

You don’t find communities on the streets, you don’t buy it, you don’t exchange it, but you grow one!

Communities like trees have a trunk, have branches and leaves and fruits! They do grow in certain kind of conditions environnements and they do attract or repel various kinds of insects, birds and animals.

Building a community is like growing a tree, you need to water it regularly, you need to prune the branches, weed out bad people and energies and help the community grow.

A community is centered around people that share a common interest!

A family is a community, a class of students is a community and people from the same culture form communities in foreign lands. A coworking is a community, a political party is a community.

Collecting a community is basically being part of a community and contributing to make it grow.

Based on your interests and time you invest in learning and relationships by building communities.

As a polymath i do have a lot of divergent interests that take up my time.

I invest in learning, in people, in friends in comunities across cultures and interests. Some of the tools i use are Linkedin, meetup and Shapr among other online and offline tools and mediums.

Communities are organic and grow like plants and do also require sometimes a critical number of people to live through regular interactions.

Do you know about social Holons?

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