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  • Melissa Frost

    Melissa Frost

    Journalist. Mom. Wife. Norwegian in the U.S. Minimalist-ish.

  • Marcus van der Erve

    Marcus van der Erve

    Sociologist (PhD), Physicist (B.Eng), Futurist

  • Otis Chandler

    Otis Chandler

    Founder of Goodreads.com, sabbatical, working on something new.

  • J.M. Riordan

    J.M. Riordan

    Global citizen who traded her plane-hopping lifestyle for the countryside. She writes about meaningful work, personal development, money, and new ways of being.

  • Marco Bevolo

    Marco Bevolo

    Italian living between NL and Japan. 1967, born; 1994, Literature and Philosophy; 2016 Behavioral and Social Sciences; 5 books; 20 scientific papers; Keynote.

  • Pat Riley

    Pat Riley

    Designing for a Decentralized Future // Creative Director & Designer at BTC Inc // riley.io

  • Jerry Michalski

    Jerry Michalski

    Your guide to the Relationship Economy.

  • Sako Noa

    Sako Noa

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