Jack of innovation

Abhinav Agarwal
1 min readMay 31, 2019

In Tarrot, the Jack of Spades is one the most fortunate cards whose life is loaded with many opportunities, extreme alternatives and can overcome any obstacle in their journey.

The figure of speech, “Jack of all trades” has a broad range of skills and sees the unseen interconnectedness. As technology becomes a commodity with the democratization of information, it’s the jack of all trades who will predict, innovate and survive!

J is also for Jugaad the problem solving mindset to solve all problems be it personal, entrepreneurial or corporate. Jugaad is the indian concept of finding clever ways to solve problems with limited resources. It is also known as frugal innovation which aims at reducing complexity and cost of goods or services in order to reach social inclusion.

Pocket-Mentor is a deck of cards based on the problem solving mindset, and designed on the basis of neuroscience, chaos theory, and cognitive biases and getting things done (GTD). Just like the tarrot, pull random cards (from a given family) and solve your problems, be it personal, entrepreneurial or corporate!

Check out more information on how to use these cards in this article.

Abhinav Agarwal

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