Teal for teal Paris rendez vous with Erwin International Steward & Tutor

17th March 2017 we had the pleasure of meeting Erwin who was in Paris for our monthly get together to discuss teal practices. The main aim of his visit was to connect with the international T4T community, redynamise and enhance the growth, insipire, help overcome obstacles, share best practices and strengthen the community!

The Teal for Teal community emerged after the book Reinventing organizations inspired milllions around the world to look at newer management practices and go towards a more democratic approach at workplace. Philippine Linn, Erwin van Waeleghem & Dr. Ernst Bechinie set out to create Teal for Teal International.

Yolande Demirian took the initiative in October 2015 to create the Paris Chapter which holds monthly meetings with an evolving group of regulars and curious people. I (Abhinav) joint her recently as a community co-organizer to propel the teal initiatives. This meeting with Erwin was to understand better the international and local Teal for Teal community dynamics, how it’s evolving, what are its strengths, objectives and how are the members contributing.

During the evening, Erwin shared his personal story and how it brought him to Teal, and experience through his career as a police.

Here is a small briefing of the various points discussed.

Some powerful key expressions:

  • “next organizational step”
  • “from How companies to Why companies”
  • “It is not about convincing, its about telling the story”
  • “Teal is the way , not a goal”
  • “You build trust by giving it”
  • “Balance brain and heart”
  • “Its more about Being than about Doing”
  • “Embodying essential values”
  • Values are more important than methodologies, theories and approaches ..)

Teal Values:

  • Openness, beyond binary thinking, humane/people centric organizations, no hierarchy, participatory management, trust, confidence, authenticity, responsibility, autonomy, transparency, sense making, positive/safe environment, happiness in workplace, man is good, no ego cultus, competition and rank obsolete : it is so much to achieve, we can only make it bigger together)
  • Giving and Receiving — main teal value (opposite to competition in orange organizations). First you need to give to others / to the community, in order to receive later. Synergy of different skills or talents people have , building on synergies between peoples strong points, if you are not good in something, look for the partner and combine your strengths. It’s all about making others stronger and not holding back or keeping things for yourself.
  • We are not convincing those who are orange or red, we can only inspire them to step into the higher level of awareness. Our shared experiences confirm that teal is all about awareness, when the teal awareness emerges, there is no negotiation necessary to take action.

For this little get together we were 15!

A slide from the last meeting in Antwerp which sums up the dynamics of a sustainable Teal for Teal community!

Check out the photos of this evening, and join the meetup, if you’re in Paris!

Yolande & Abhinav




#Innovation #Polymath #Minimalist #Biohacker

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Abhinav Agarwal

Abhinav Agarwal

#Innovation #Polymath #Minimalist #Biohacker

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