The business model of incubators

The innovation scene is changing at a rapid pace and so are the strategies of incubator, accelerators with the maturing of the ecosystem and rapid pace of technological evolution.

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Here are some ideas of business models associated to incubators and accelerators (both are very different entities) that came while discussing with a friend who was exploring setting up an incubator for startups in the social space.

  1. Training/ Coaching
  2. Coworking
  3. E-learning
  4. Membership
  5. Coliving
  6. Commission on fund raising
  7. % Equity
  8. Grants
  9. Startup/ Corporate Consulting / matchmaking
  10. Community / membership
  11. Become an influencer media
  12. Startup factory
  13. Fablab / makerspaces to rent capacity use
  14. Events/ hackathons

Happy to have more ideas and update the list!

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