The ladybug that I accidently killed

This morning when I arrived at my office and took of my jacket, I found a pretty little ladybug on the sleeves of my jaket. The red beauty with black dots on my linen khaki jacket was a pleasant morning surprise. I said to myself, I’m going to have a lucky day today!

I took the little bug on my hand and admired the little creature explore the length of my finger. I said to myself that this little thing is going to die in this office space, and so I opened my window while also concentrating not to lose or drop my little friend. I threw the ladybug out of the window and said GoFly! But to my utter disgust I saw it fall right in a spider web one foot below the window sill. I immediately saw the spider approach my new friend, I panicked, looked for a pen with which I tried poking the spider web to free my friend that looked very still now. The spider had disappeared but and this friendship had lasted less than 3 minutes.

Lesson learnt that good intentions can lead to disasters!” #ThatsLife!

I’m a Paris based entrepreneur and innovation consultant, happy to grab a cup of coffee anytime!

#Innovation #Polymath #Minimalist #Biohacker

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